If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“I paid a visit to Dr. Emrich, hoping to purchase Invisalign® for my teeth. I wore braces decades ago, but felt my overbite had returned and needed some help. Dr. Emrich told me no! He said I didn’t need it and instead recommended a retainer be made for me. I was VERY impressed! Any other dentist would have, quite possibly, gone ahead and ordered the Invisalign to make a buck or two. But not Dr. Emrich. He was very honest and told me straight up that it would actually do more harm than good for me, and to leave my bite alone, as it is perfect! Thank you, Dr. Emrich; you are a kind and HONEST professional, a rarity these days. Also, your staff was very hospitable and made me feel right at home. I highly recommend Dr. Emrich and his lovely staff!!” — Kerry M.

“I highly recommend Dr. Emrich and his office! Dr. Emrich truly cares about his patients and is not out for money. We went to him for three years before my daughter truly needed braces. We have a great experience every time we go. The ladies in the office are all extremely friendly.” — Kristi K.

“Dr. Emrich makes the patients feel comfortable and is always available if you have any questions. Great office staff. Always friendly and helpful.” — Melissa G.

“Very nice, professional. More concerned with patient health and appropriate time of treatment than rushing patients into treatment that may not be necessary.” — Tylor S.

“Awesome orthodontic practice! Very friendly and excellent service. My son came home with nothing but great things to say about his experience. Thank you for making us feel so comfortable in your office.” — Lynna D.

“I like how everyone who works there is very friendly and asks questions that relate to you.” — Alejandra S.

“My family has always received fantastic customer service from Dr. Emrich’s staff. There are plenty of fun things for the kids to do as well!” — Heather J.

“The staff and the doctor are very personable and friendly. The office is very modern and clean. It has been a very pleasant experience so far.” — Mason S.

“Dr. Emrich is nice to the kids, makes them feel comfortable, is easy to talk to, and is down to earth.” — Abbey L.

“He is caring, sincere, and helpful.” — Alena H.

“We like the fact that the office is good about keeping on schedule.” — Natalie W.

“Dr. Emrich is very nice and open. He explained different options to me and my daughter. My daughter thought that he was a very kind man.” — Tessarae S.

“Very easy to talk to, nice office, and very nice office staff. The kids love the computer games.” — Megan H.

“He is friendly and explains things clearly.” — Rayley F.

“Friendly and easy to talk with and the office staff is very nice.” — John W.

“The staff is very helpful and friendly. Convenient location. Dr. Emrich is friendly and professional.” — Hunter E.

“Dr. Emrich is easy to talk to, thorough, and organized.” — Austin A.

“He is funny, he is nice, and all the workers are nice. They have lots of fun games and stuff in the office.” — Garret S.